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The Fleet

A bespoke built horse transporter makes your horses journey between homes as comfortable and safe as possible.

Our lorries are all equipped with the most up to date commercial route mapping systems to ensure that we avoid any delays ahead, getting your horse to its destination as smoothly and quickly possible.

Our premier lorry is on a Scania chassis with 420BHP. It is luxury transport on wheels, with air suspension both front and back, air conditioning, padded full patricians, side and back, enhanced suspension, 4 internal CCTV cameras and air conditioning and ventilation, temperature recording systems. All the horses travel between partition’s that are set to support their balance and reduce tension in traveling. The dual ramps enable us to load and unload with as little movement as possible to keep the horse settled and happy. To enhance the safety of loading and unloading our lorries are fitted with air suspension that enables us to lower the height of the ramp.

Our lorries can be easily repositioned to accommodate larger or small horse, even mares and foals can be comfortably transported in stable like stalls. Be assured that the additional height of our lorries avoids any claustrophobia issues with the bigger horses.

Our health and safety standards ensure that we have fire extinguishers on board at all times and we carry first aid kids for both human and equine requirements.


Eastelms is headed up by Stephen Gardner, whose spent many of his competition show jumping days being Tim Stockdale stable jockey. As a show jumping competitor on an International yard, competing in Europe soon became something Stephen was doing regularly. This is where he first saw the opportunity for beginning Eastelms Horse Transport into a business that would enable him to work with horses, travel in Europe and enjoy himself. As Eastelms has grown there has been massive investment into the best horse transport lorries. But just as importantly the driving team at Eastelms is made up only from professional horse people as well as excellent qualified drivers and grooms

Eastelms transport drivers are all approved level 3 advanced certificate in equine transport.